Live your Myth. Live vintage style now.
Live it!

Welcome to the live vintage style in Corfu. Just take it and live your myth with Classic Cars on your side!

Welcome to Classic Cars

We keep the vintage style of automotion alive
restoring some of the thrills of automotive industry.
Here is the Beetle the most iconic car ever build!

Curved body front

The curved body style in front, along with round headlights and the extra curved style on front fenders, seems to be unique.

Curved body rear

The same curved body style in rear, along with round stop lights and the extra curved style on rear fenders, is for sure unique.

Curved interior

Exactly the same curved body style in interior, along with the most simple dashboard ever made in cars, complete the uniqueness of this car.

Get the car that never gives up

Live the alternative tour in the island with an iconic classic car and collect memories in your suitcase from your trip to Corfu.

We specialize in...

  • Complete restore iconic cars from the past
  • Offering the opportunity to live with an iconic car
  • Guide you on how to live with iconic cars
  • Giving you the opportunity to drive iconic cars
  • Make the best tour around Corfu with iconic car

What our clients say

How Classic Cars changed your lives? Hear from our new clients.

It was an unforgettable experience !!!
Sure I'll do it again...
Calliope Grey
Driving before 6 months
We took the most beautiful pictures together with the beetle on the island
Yoko Aldo
Driving before 2 months
Everyone on the road enjoyed seeing a classic car circulating in excellent condition !!
Silvio Cruzz
Driving before 4 months

“Enjoy your journey to a vintage lifestyle with smile, and sun”

Watch our gallery

Harmony lines, iconic shape, sun and amazing landscapes.

Would you like time to relax?

Take the Beetle with you on every beach you like to visit and have the beautiful experience to live in vintage style your time with it.

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